About me

About me

Dr. med. Lars Nill
  • Studies at the University of Munich (LMU)


  • Doctoral thesis at the LMU Munich

    „Akute Hyperhomocysteinämie führt zu makro- und mikrovaskulärer endothelialer Dysfunktion, die durch Vorbehandlung mit ThiolAntioxidantien aus gealtertem Knoblauch-Extrakt verhindert werden kann“

  • After my studies I worked several years in clinics and medical practices  (pediatric surgery (Landshut/London) and ENT Surgery (Berlin))
    The search for the „root causes“ of diseases led my to the following qualifications/training:

    – Functional Medicine & Stress Medicine
      (IFMS Hannover bei Robert Barring)

    – Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with Diploma    
       (“Shou Zhong”, TCM school; AGTCM Ausbildungszentrum Ost))

    Traineeship at the University of chinese medicine, Chengdu, China

    – Laser-Acupuncture and Laser-Therapy (Dr. med. Michael Weber)

    Advanced vocational training in Gut Health
      (certified expert in Gut Health; Akademie für Darmgesundheit und DeProm (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Probiotische Medizin))

    Ear Acupuncture (Michael Noack)

Besides my work I am interested in QiGong, meditation and philosophy.