Fees vary based on type of consultation and time. Please contact our office for more information on fees:


Private Insurance  
I bill according to the GOÄ (Gebührenordnung der Ärzte// MFS = medical fee schedule). If some services are not covered, you have to pay on your own.

Legal Insurance 
The provided services are not covered by legal insurance. Therefore you will receive an invoice according to the GOÄ as well (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte) which you have to pay on your own (Selbstzahler).

  • Private Complementary Insurances cover the services to some degree. Be sure to contact the corresponding insurance prior to your visit and ask if my services are covered even without the medical title „Specialist in naturopathic medicine“ („Arzt für Naturheilverfahren“).
  • Calls or Mails will be billed as well if file needs to be searched.